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7 tricks of the trade every female runner needs to know

Simple tips to make every woman's run a little bit better

Running is a very simple sport, which is why so many people take it up. Despite its simplicity, there are a few easy tricks that take no time and can make your sport of choice even better. The hacks below require small changes that will ultimately make a huge difference in your running and allow you to enjoy yourself even more. Here are six tricks of the trade to implement and then share with your fellow lady runners. 

Top three women at the 2019 U Sports cross-country championships

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Take your sports bra off as soon as your run is done

A sweaty sports bra is inevitable post-run. Even if you’ve only run for three minutes, your sports bra is probably damp and because this layer sits so close to your body, it can become cold and uncomfortable very quickly. If you can, take the sports bra off and throw a big, warm sweater on instead. You’ll be so much more comfortable for the drive, walk or bike home. 

Side note: buy a few good sports bras that fit you well. They’re a worthwhile investment. 



Always keep a tampon in your race bag

Whatever protection you choose to use while on your period, keep it handy for an important workout or race. Because, as all ladies know, it’s possible for your body to sneak up on you, and that’s not what you want on race day. 

Pit stops in the woods aren’t so bad

Getting comfortable with a mid-run outdoor pee break is a crucial part of women’s running. Despite our body’s less-than-ideal set up for spontaneous bathroom breaks, with a little toilet paper and some practice, you can become a fairly stealthy outdoor washroom-goer. 


Women can buy men’s shoes

With a few exceptions, most women’s running shoes are just smaller (and pinker) versions of the men’s. If the women’s shoes are sold out in your size, or you happen to like the men’s colour better, buying a size or two smaller than your usual size typically does the trick. 

Always, always, always take iron

Many women are low on iron, but especially women who run. Supplementing regularly and getting your blood tested at least once a year is a great way to ensure that you stay on track. 

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Litter hair elastics everywhere

If you’ve got long hair, elastics are a must-have item. In order to never go without, leave several elastics littered around your bag, car, pockets, tucked inside your sports bra. Everywhere. 

If you get too warm while you’re running, just put your shirt in the back of your bra

This is a classic move that cools you down while simultaneously making you feel like a superhero. Simply thread your t-shirt or long sleeve through the back of your bra and keep going. After a few moments, you’ll be cooled down and forget it’s even there.