7 signs you’re getting serious about training

How you know the heavy miles have set in

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If you’re running a spring marathon, your build is either underway or just about to be. The first few weeks of a build are pretty relaxed, but then your training load increases and a switch flips. Here are the telltale signs that you’re in the thick of training for a race.

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Your alcohol consumption goes down

Some runners swear by a dry season while others don’t, but almost everyone reduces their consumption when training gets really hard. When you’re trying to make your body into its best possible version, most runners end up drinking a few less beers per week.

The other issue is that drinking usually happens at night, and by the time night rolls around, you’re too sleepy.

Your oatmeal consumption goes up

For some reason, oatmeal is associated with race season and subsequently, getting fast. There a lot of great sources of carbohydrate for a pre-race or workout meal, but oatmeal is many runners’ fitness-season fuel of choice.

Your decide on social engagements based on the amount of walking/standing they require

You decide on what social engagements you’ll be attending based on how much moving you’ll have to do while you’re there (especially if the next day is a hard workout).

So–dinner party, yes. Dance party, no. You’ll be saving your Leo-style moves for post-race.

You actually adhere to a bedtime

When the training gets tough, the tough go to bed.

Sleep can reduce a runner’s likelihood of becoming injured by 1.7 times (which are some pretty good odds). So when training gets hard, it’s time to hit the hay.

You dust off the old foam roller

If you stretch year-round, big kudos to you. If you’re like most other people and only start stretching when things are getting a little (very) tight, better late than never.

You listen to playlists with titles like, “pure workout”

When training is getting hard, motivation can get low. You know that things are really ramping up when you’re seeking heavy musical motivation.

You really need a pedicure

If you’re finding it difficult to even look at your feet without cringing, and saying nearly every day that you need to get a pedicure, the heavy miles have certainly set in.