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7 things every runner has on display in their home

Signs you've found yourself in the company of a runner

Runners are cut from the same cloth, and it’s for this reason that picking them out in a crowd isn’t that difficult–the same goes for their homes. We’ve rounded up the most prevalent home decor found among runners. If this applies to you, welcome to the run club. If you don’t feel this is accurate, congratulations, you’ve earned runner incognito status.

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Therabands attached to furniture legs

Activation is a big part of a runner’s routine and therabands are a big part of activating. This means, especially if the people you live with are runners, that they’ve essentially become part of your furniture.

Running shoe mountain

There are two types of running shoe piles in a runner’s home. The first is the semi-organized running shoe mountain that’s typically found in the front entrance of the home–this pile is for the shoes you’re using on a regular basis. The second is the running shoe graveyard found hidden in another closet or the basement–this pile is for the dirty, stinky and damaged shoes you haven’t parted with for some reason.

A Garmin the size of your desktop computer

Somewhere on a runner’s countertop, you’ll see a black mass of plastic. From afar, this will look like a black ball but as you get close you’ll realize it has a screen. Once you’re really close, you’ll recognize it as a 10-year-old Garmin GPS watch.

A most prized race medal

Some runners don’t like displaying all of their medals and bibs, but almost every runner will have one of the two on a mantel or wall. Whether that be your Boston jacket, the bib from the track meet where you ran a huge personal best at or your local 5K finishers medal–there’s an accolade displayed somewhere.

Recovery corner

Somewhere in the corner of a runner’s living room you’ll find a collection of items for recovery. These include but are not limited to: a golf ball, a lacrosse ball, at least one foam roller, a yoga mat, a small towel and tiger balm.

Multiple coffee makers

For some reason, most runners are coffee obsessed. To feed this obsession, runners usually have three to four methods of coffee preparation on hand in their homes. These include: the espresso machine, the good old fashioned coffee pot, the french press and the AeroPress for when they go on the road.

A bike trainer

Runners, unfortunately, are prone to overuse injuries. A bike (and trainer) can be found in most runner’s homes because for when our regularly scheduled programming is disrupted.