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7-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson runs 3:09 at Boston

Not bad for a guy who drives professionally

Monday morning, seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson ran a 3:09:08 marathon in Boston. The race car driver said on Instagram post-race that it was the most challenging thing he’d ever done.

This result really challenges those who say that race car drivers aren’t athletes. The NASCAR champion told The Boston pre-race that he was looking to run under three hours. While he missed that mark, a 3:09 is an extremely impressive marathon debut, especially for a new runner.

Johnson said in an Gatorade [his sponsor’s] video that it takes a lot of mental strength to drive a race car, and it takes a similar level of mental strength to train for a marathon.


Each year before the Daytona 500, one of NASCAR’s premier events, some drivers run the Daytona Beach half-marathon and often do well, but all-star driver Jimmie Johnson has always been a standout. Johnson has previously competed in triathlons and half-marathons, but Boston was his first full.