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8 things that are socially acceptable after a marathon

Here are eight practices that become very common after a big race

Lots of runners have either completed, or are in the final weeks of preparation for their fall marathon. After a big race, many runners are overwhelmed with emotional and physical fatigue, and this fatigue can lead to certain practices that wouldn’t be common at many other times. Here are eight things that become very socially acceptable post-race. 

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Crying in public 


Now, let’s be clear, we’re not criticizing those who cry after their marathon. It’s a huge accomplishment, and a very emotional one. But how often do you come across a huge group of adults, gathered in a corral, crying together?

Wrapping yourself in tin foil 


The foil blankets act as an insulator post-race. After the body has put out so much energy, and you’ve been sweaty, you can quickly become very cold after running. But to the uninitiated, it looks like adults in baked potato costumes. 

Walking weirdly 


Your body is spent post-race. Moving at all, let alone walking, is difficult. You can spot a person who’s run a marathon when their walk looks more like a waddle. 

Drinking before 11 a.m.


There’s a time and a place for day drinking, and after a big race is one of them. Celebrate your accomplishment with an adult beverage, and don’t worry about what time it is. 

Wearing running shoes to work for the next week

You’ve got to recover after a race, and you certainly won’t be wearing any high heels to work in the week following the big event. 

Eating like you’ve never seen food before


Refueling post-race is key to recovery. So order multiple entrees for personal consumption, and don’t worry if you get two forks in your takeout container. 

Going to bed at 6 p.m.


It’s a combination of a food coma, some drinking, and obviously, the race. 

Telling everyone how fast you are


You’re amazing–you just ran a marathon. Tell everyone about it and celebrate your accomplishment. And then sign up for another one.