8 things that become socially acceptable after a marathon, part 2

Here are eight practices that become very common after a big race

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Lots of runners have either completed, or are in the final weeks of preparation for, their fall marathon. After a big race, many runners are overwhelmed with emotional and physical fatigue. This fatigue can lead to certain practices that wouldn’t be common at many other times, but after a big race, the rules change for a runner. Here are eight things that become socially acceptable post-race.

Emily Setlack. Photo: Maxine Gravina

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Eating pie for breakfast

Because A) you’re starving and B) it’s the off season.

Talking to anyone who will listen about how hard the marathon is

After a marathon, almost everyone says never again. And then almost everyone does ultimately decide to go again.

Signing up for another marathon

Because you didn’t mean what you said when you were tired and sore.

Extreme pampering


Let’s face it, your toes could use some attention. You’ll probably need a massage too, for recovery purposes. Just call it a spa day.

Couch naps


Couch naps are a special brand of nap because they’re usually unplanned. A planned nap happens in a bed, but a couch nap happens when you’re just too tired to stay awake.

Barely moving for two weeks


After a marathon your non-runner friends may be excited to have their party pal back (as you’ve spent that last 12 weeks in social hibernation) but unfortunately, they may have to wait a little longer, as the two weeks post-marathon are reserved for recovery.

Selling out the BAND-AID section of your local drug store


Big races can sometimes lead to big chafing issues, especially if you’re new to the distance. If your 42.2K left you in rough shape, you’re not alone.

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Bedside table snacks


The marathon leaves you with a kind of hunger that doesn’t go away while you sleep. For this reason, your roommates/partner/family should become accustomed to a couple of nights of 2 a.m. snacking. To access those snacks easily (because beauty rest is important for recovery) those snacks are sometimes left on bedside tables.