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9 running epiphanies you have every fall

Annual reminders of why fall running is the best running

Everyone knows that fall running is the best running of the year. The leaves are changing, the temperature is perfect and marathon season is on the horizon. Even though runners know they’re entering running prime time, somehow the fall still feels special time and again. Here are the ten running epiphanies you have (and have had for many years) in the fall.

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Running in moderate temperatures is way easier

After months of really hot running, 20K at 15 degrees feels amazing. You’ll feel like a new person with super-powered legs just in time for your fall goal race.

Sleeping in is amazing


Further to my point above, if you were training through the summer there’s a good chance you were waking up especially early on weekends to try and beat the heat. There are some summer days when starting a run past 7 a.m. is dangerous for your health. Through the fall you can sleep in and get a little extra snooze time while still running at an acceptable temperature.

I don’t have to drink 10 liters of fluid everyday

Because you’re not sweating so much, you won’t feel like you need to walk around with a hydration pack all day.

Layering is kind of fun

Fall runs means lots of layers. More often than not, a runner will start in pants and a long sleeve and finish in shorts and a sports bra, especially if you’re running closer to noon. Take advantage of this temperature change to show off some of your favourite running gear.

Fall is a beautiful time

The air smells fresh and the leaves are turning colours. Fall is a great time to be outside.

Family fun runs are a blast

Fall is when your friends and family who don’t typically run will lace up their shoes with you. Suggest a family fun run over Thanksgiving or a weekend when you’re all together–you’ll have more takers than usual.

You don’t continue to sweat after you shower

After an especially warm summer run, it can be very difficult to cool down. If you don’t have enough time after your warm-weather run, you can continue to sweat even after your cold shower. In the fall, your return from your run at a comfortable temperature will lead to a nice shower that warms you, as opposed to a cold shower that leaves you sweaty.

Your water doesn’t taste vaguely of sunscreen


Summer runs, especially long ones, means lots of sunscreen. As a result, sometimes when you’re drinking water a bit of that sun protection can slip off of your face and into your liquids.

There are lots of eating holidays


Runners love food, and, thankfully, fall is full of eating holidays. An eating holiday is a holiday where food is arguably the main event, which is ideal for a runner post-workout.