92-year-old self-described non-runner breaks world 400m age-group record

Diane Hoffman of New England modestly downplays her sudden success on the track

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An American woman named Diane Hoffman, aged 92, ran 2:44.25 in the 400m at the New England Open and Masters Championship in Worcester, Mass. on July 27, taking more than two seconds off the previous age-group world record for that distance–after already breaking her own American age-group record in the 100m. Later she also took down the US 200m record by a whopping 14 seconds, clocking 56.33. Shockingly, Hoffman only took up track running in the last year or two, at the urging of her son. (She does play tennis regularly.)

Hoffman’s previous record in the 100m was 24.22, set at this same meet last year. The previous 400m world record was held by Emilia García de Fontán of Colombia at 2:46.56 since 2015.

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According to a report in the Boston Globe, Hoffman modestly claims she breaks records because, at her age, there is simply no competition. She was, in fact, at least 30 years older than any other woman at the meet. She claims to be much more comfortable on the tennis court, where she plays a mean serve-and-volley game, dashing from side to side to block her opponent’s shots.

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