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97-year-old woman surprised after breaking age-group 5K world record

Atlanta's Betty Lindberg breaks 95+ 5K world record by over 30 minutes

On Feb. 26. a 97-year old athlete was astounded as she reached the finish line at the Atlanta Peachtree Marathon Weekend 5K, to find out she set an age-group world record. Atlanta-resident Betty Lindberg broke the previous 95+ 5K world record by 30 minutes, clocking a time of 55:48.

The record will be passed on from one Betty to another as Lindberg broke Betty Ashley‘s 95-99 5K age group record of 1:28:36, which she set in 2017 as a 96-year-old.

Although Lindberg walked the entire race, she averaged 11 minutes per kilometre. According to local media, she believed the record was attainable going into the race but was shocked at how quick her time was. “I simply stroll, as quick as I can,” Lindberg said to the media.

Betty Lindberg at the U.S. Masters Championship in 2019. Photo: @briankrainson/Instagram

Lindberg, who didn’t start running until she was 63, used to run with the Atlanta Track Club but now goes for quick strolls around her hilly neighbourhood.

Leading up to the race, Lindberg would train by getting out for an hour’s walk around her neighbourhood. She would also supplement her walks with yoga classes at the local fitness centre.

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