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Aaron Brown launches YouTube channel

Currently Canada's fastest sprinter, Aaron Brown reveals how he cultivates the mindset for maintaining his status as one of the fastest men in the world

Canadian sprinter Aaron Brown has started his own YouTube channel, publishing a short documentary called Breakthrough that details his career thus far. Brown finished the 2018 season with a personal best of 19.98s in the 200m, set at Oslo’s Bislett Games on June 7. He is the current Canadian champion in the 100m and 200m. 

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“Everybody has their own journey, their own path,” Brown says. “A lot of people get stuck and caught up on the fact that it doesn’t look like someone else who they deem to be successful. And what I want to do is help people realize that your failures aren’t a sign that you’re messing up and you should quit…”

Like many champions, Brown’s path to success hasn’t always been smooth. In 2016 he went to the Olympics and didn’t make it past the first round in the 100m. He talks about what that did to his confidence, and how he came back from it. It also reveals his love of music, and though the documentary is scored to music by Drake, we also see Brown playing the piano, and practising the first movement of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. 

“Everybody has ups and downs in life. But you have to keep going, learn from it and grow and get better, and you don’t quit at the first sign of adversity. Every single day I’m trying to work towards that vision of who I thought I’d be, when I was a young teenager, a young kid thinking, ‘Damn, what am I going to be when I grow up?’ Watching everybody else, seeing what they do with their lives. What’s my life going to look like?

“I don’t quit because I still believe in myself. My thesis still remains the same, and it’s intact, that eventually I’ll manifest it to where I think I’m going to go, you know? One of the fastest people in the world. And I will say that as humbly as I can. There’s no real humble way to say it, it’s just facts. I believe that’s who I am.”

You can subscribe to Brown’s YouTube channel here