Photographer to Justin Trudeau shows off icy winter running beard

You know winter running has arrived when icy winter beard photos start surfacing on social media

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Adam Scotti, the photographer to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is an avid runner.

Even in cold weather, he gets out for a run in the nation’s capital. On Dec. 30, Scotti, the man behind the camera on the prime minister’s team, shared a photo of his icy beard showing the effects of a winter run. With the wind, temperatures felt like -30 C that day, according to the CBC.

“Winter running in Ottawa – today was the warmest it has been in a few days at -18 C,” he captioned his photo, a selfie, complete with a frosty beard, icicles and a partially-frozen Canada toque, on Instagram. The area was under an extreme cold warning.

“Get out and enjoy winter, only way to make it through,” he added on Twitter. “Anything above 0 C is shorts weather for us,” he commented in a reply to an Instagram user, one of his 14,500 followers on the photo-sharing platform.

Trudeau spent Dec. 30, among other days towards the end of 2017, in Lake Louise, Alta., according to the Prime Minister’s office.