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Adidas to release commemorative collection in honour of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope

One-hundred per cent of the proceeds from this limited-edition collection will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation

Adidas Canada announced last week that it will be releasing a commemorative collection of gear in honour of Terry Fox‘s Marathon of Hope, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The collection will feature the same shoe model Fox wore throughout his run, the Adidas Orion, in addition to several t-shirts and another shoe, the Ultraboost DNA, which will be introduced later this year. This collection, which will be launched on May 20, is exclusive to Canadians, and all of the money raised through the sales of these items will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation, with an end goal of raising $1 million.

The Terry Fox collection

Different items will be introduced to the collection over the next six months. The first drop, coming later this week, will include a t-shirt, new Adidas Orions with “Terry Fox” written on the side, a 40th anniversary sock liner and commemorative shoelaces. The tissue paper in the shoe box will even honour Fox, and it will be printed with a copy of his original letter to Adidas, back before he started his Marathon of Hope and asked for the company’s help. That was how Adidas got involved with Fox, and they sent him 26 pairs of the Orion for his cross-country run.

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More shirts will be introduced by Adidas in the coming months, and each will feature an image of Fox or a quote of his. Finally, the special edition Ultraboost DNA will drop later in 2020, and Adidas says it “reimagines a version that Terry Fox would wear today.”

Photo: Adidas Canada


Adidas has also launched the hashtag #ThanksTerry, and the company is asking Canadians to take to social media to share what Fox and his Marathon of Hope means to them. Canadian icons like Olympic figure skater Tessa Virtue, NHL star Connor McDavid and others will be sharing their personal stories using the hashtag in the coming weeks as well.

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The Terry Fox collection can be viewed and purchased at adidas.ca.