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Alberta premier Rachel Notley runs half-marathon before heading to U.S. for business

When not working the busy life of a politician, Alberta leader, Rachel Notley, busies herself with training for half-marathons.

When not working in the fast-paced world of politics, Alberta’s premier, Rachel Notley, likes to spend her spare time running. 

The leader of Alberta’s NDP party ran and finished a half-marathon over the weekend as a nice way to cap off a Sunday before heading out of the country for work.

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“Feeling energized. Finished the Running Room Hypothermic Half this morning. Off to Washington this afternoon to advocate for Alberta business,” she wrote on Twitter shortly following her race.

The event was held in Edmonton and offered a 5K and 10K distance as well as the half-marathon. Notley ran the half-marathon completing the 21.1K in 2:10.18

The 17th premier of Alberta won the election by a majority vote and took office on May 24, 2015. She is from Edmonton. Notley studied political science at the University of Alberta and went on to complete a law degree at Osgoode Hall. She was born to politically savvy parents. Her dad, Grant Notley, served as a Member of Legislative Assembly and her mother, Sandy, brought Rachel to political events during her childhood. 

Since her run, she has been in the U.S. meeting with various American politicians to discuss trade policies concerning the western Canadian province.