Allie Kieffer and Brad Hudson on the coach-athlete relationship

Allie Kieffer on her nutrition, her background and her relationship with coach Brad Hudson on her new YouTube channel

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Allie Kieffer and her coach Brad Husdon have started a YouTube channel on Kieffer’s running journey and their coach-athlete relationship. Kieffer has become one of the most popular distance runners in America. The runner had a breakthrough performance at the 2017 New York City Marathon, finishing 5th in a huge personal best of 2:29:38. 

They’ve titled the channel “Dreamwork” and will detail the buildup to Kieffer’s next marathon. The pair discuss their long history and the importance of the coach-athlete relationship to the success of a program. Hudson says in the video, “I know where she’s coming from as a person and as an athlete.” And that’s powerful, the coach-athlete relationship can have a huge impact on the careers of both an athlete and a coach. 

But it’s not just running that bonds Kieffer and Hudson, both have experienced similar losses in their lives. Hudson lost his mother in a car accident at 15, and Kieffer also lost her sister in a car accident. 

If you were paying close attention to American track running, you’d have known Kieffer was a strong collegiate runner who’d attempted a post-collegiate career but had taken some time off after injury and setbacks. But for most, 2017 was the first time they’d heard of the marathoner. 

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Since New York in 2017, Kieffer has really made a name for herself. She’s got a big social media presence and is a body positivity advocate, promoting her hashtag #strongnotskinny. 

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The marathoner finished 7th in New York in 2018 with another big personal best in 2:28:12. Kieffer has big goals for 2019 and 2020, and those including getting to Tokyo. Follow her and coach Hudson on their YouTube channel to learn more about Kieffer’s training, nutrition, their relationship and what makes her one of the best runners in the country.