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Amazing: Company’s headquarters has an office track

Just when you think you've seen it all, this company's headquarters has an office track in the middle of the workplace. We're big fans.

Office Track

We’ve seen tracks on rooftops, in airports, in subway stations and even in malls but this latest video has us dreaming of a more everyday use of the striped surface.

At this company’s headquarters, there is now a short-length track painted on the ground (in stylish blue too).

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Yes, an office track. Not quite equipped with Mondo material but still very impressive (anyone jealous?). According to the original tweet, the track is located at The Body Coach office in Britain.

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In this case, whenever employees get up for a stretch or to head to the kitchen, they may be tempted to do a few laps on the office track.

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Other rather odd locations for a track painted on the ground? This mall figured they would get into the running spirit by adding a few lanes to spice up the floor. See more on our Instagram page.

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H/t: Nikki Wicks.