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An ode to fall running

It's time to pay tribute to the best season for running

Fall training

Every season has its merits, but let’s be honest: fall is the best time for running. It’s the perfect sweet spot between too warm and too cold, there’s a fresh feeling to the air and the beauty of a Canadian fall can’t be beat. As we head into sweater weather, let’s take a moment to stop and appreciate why fall is a runner’s paradise.

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Cooler temperatures

After slogging through hot, humid runs all summer long, nothing feels more invigorating than the temperature drop fall brings. Running feels about 100 times easier, which not only makes your easy runs more enjoyable, but you’ll probably see the results of your workouts improve, too.

Runner during the fall.

Beautiful scenery

Is there anything more stunning than a fall trail run as the leaves begin to change colour? Running in the fall is like jumping into a painting, and the crunch of the leaves under your feet is just about as satisfying as it gets. The leaves don’t often stay on the trees for too long, though, so make the most of it while it lasts.

Fall racing season

If you’ve been preparing for a goal race all summer, fall is when you finally get to demonstrate how all that hard work has paid off. Plus, for all the marathon fans out there, this season is when you finally get to watch your favourite elites throw down at the biggest races across the globe.

Western Cross-Country Invitational
Photo: Tim Huebsch.

Cross-country season

If you’re a high school or university student, this one’s for you. Cross-country is arguably the most exciting season for varsity distance runners, and even for those whose XC years are behind them, the first hint of the changing season reminds you of fond memories training with your teammates and throwin’ some ‘bows out on the cross-country course.

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You can sleep in

If you’ve been getting up at 5:30 in the morning every week to try and fit your Sunday long run in before it gets too hot, you can finally relax. The streets no longer become a desert wasteland by 7 a.m., so you can finally enjoy getting a bit of extra sleep on the weekends without risking melting in the intense summer heat.

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