Attention beer milers: Adidas’ Oktoberfest shoes will stand up to both puke and beer spills

Beer milers everywhere just got so jealous...

September 6th, 2017 by | Posted in The Scene | Tags: ,

Adidas Oktoberfest shoes are now a thing.

As the brands calls it, these sneakers are both puke repellent and beer proof. Don’t believe it? It’s true. Why then, would it be made from fine leather and Durable Puke Beer Repellent (DPBR) coating? (Somewhere, a Canadian beer miler’s heart just skipped a beat.) While these guys are designed for Germany’s infamous beer festival, we couldn’t help but think that this might save the feet of brew chugging trackies. 

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Don’t let the heavy dose of FOMO put a damper on your fall season. If the four beers, four laps chug fest is kind of your event, start your prep for Oktoberfest. Hey, if Adidas recognizes the importance of this party holiday, so should you.

Right now, this pair of shoes is selling for about 200 euro. Not exactly affordable, but you choose your battles in this life.