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Yes, we’re ranking the best beards of the running scene. The beards among speedy runners is a trend that can no longer go ignored. We can’t help but notice that from the track to the trail, some of the most talented runners are sporting long, bushy, full-volume facial hair. This probably has nothing to do with their pace. Even still, we present you with our list of favourite runner beards. Just because. That’s why. If you have a problem with it, our serious news section is here

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Rob Krar

Hamilton-born trail star Rob Krar has a magnificent beard. Rob Krar’s beard comes out top on our list for three reasons. Firstly, it has carried him through several ultras including two Western States 100 first-place finishes. Secondly, in 2014, he told us that he grew his beard to impress his wife, Christina, and that is fantastic. Thirdly, Rob Krar’s rocks at social media. His beard has its own Twitter account and has provided us with *lengthy* coverage of Krar’s races… and apparently it has been supplying this ultrarunner with Skittles during the run. This beards gets an A for good sportsmanship. 

Gary Robbins

Vancouver runner Gary Robbins can do no wrong in our eyes. This man can run up and down mountains all day like it’s not big deal. We’re still in awe of his ability to run through serious hallucinations at last year’s Barkley Marathons making it farther than any Canadian has ever been on the race. Some of us run through side stitches… Robbins pushes through despite being in a condition where he can’t even tell what’s reality. And his beard is almost as cool as he is. We give his ice beard (pictured below) five stars for staying by his side through the good times and bad. 


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Mike Wardian

Mr. Wardian is one of the best ultra runners in the running scene right now. After this spring, he’ll forever be able to brag about having run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days and averaging 2:45 through it all PLUS he’s also going to be competing in the 2017 running of the Barkley Marathons. Wardian has also run in the North Pole. His achievements have earned him an immense amount of respect and rightly so. We want to take this chance now to thank the Wardian beard for protecting his face from ice cold weather. Well done, Wardian Beard, well done. 


Was trying to tell everyone else to mind the sharp plants ? on the course and took a direct hit ??✈️?

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Ethan Newberry

This beard isn’t always present, but when it is, it’s on point. You might know Newberry as “The Ginger Runner.” There’s no doubt that his videos and social media skill are just as good as his running. When his beard is in full bloom, it brings the ginger factor even more so. Two thumbs up for being red. 


I don’t normally post selfies, but when I do, it’s because dat lens flare! New vid tonight 🙂

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Jeff Mountjoy

This track guy can drink beer and run really fast. We thank all beer mile runners for providing us with some great entertainment. We thank the Mountjoy flow for being there to catch any spillage. Team effort. Good job Mountjoy beard. 

mountjoy beer mile

Stephen Pretak

Last year, this dude’s friends made us laugh by photoshopping his Facebook profile picture into tons of well-known scenes (mostly from movies). Pretak’s beard makes it on the list for remaining remarkably tame during encounters with a T-Rex, Obama and Usain Bolt. Very sleek. 


Lazarus Lake

Listen, his race is probably the most original one out there. Plus, it’s arguably the hardest given that runners rarely ever complete it. The Barkley Marathons is the roughest race a runner can possibly enter. This race director isn’t interested in bragging about growing participation or being friendly to all ability levels. That’s why it’s invite only… and the application process is a secret. Lazarus Lake wants only the most badass runners so he can test their ability on sheer incline, a confusing wilderness race course, and nearly impossible terrain that will leave no runner unscathed. It just wouldn’t make sense for the man behind this wacky event to be clean-shaven. That would be stupid. Props to the Lazarus Lake beard for keeping up aesthetics. Not that he’d ever care to be included on this list… 


Still from YouTube

John Mason

At first, he kind of looks like the runner version of Paul Bunyan. He’s a strong guy with a bristly, manly beard. We’re pretty sure this dude’s a leprechaun though and is (poorly) pretending otherwise because a) the beard is red, b) he chases rainbows and c) he wears green sometimes. Whatever though, that’s cool. John Mason is fast. Really fast. He’s so fast he trains with Reid Coolsaet and other champ runners over at Speed River. The Mason beard is probably the most textured beard on this list (we think) and it gets extra points for volume. Kudos Mason Beard. Really though, we included it on the list because it’s the most wanderlusty beard in the running scene right now. It has taken Mr. Mason on trips to Kenya and the British Isles (big surprise, we know) so it deserves recognition for that. We’re pretty sure it might even have its own passport and it sends John postcards when it travels solo. Very good Mason Beard, thumbs up for being considerate.

See what we mean about the leprechaun thing?

What a way to finish this evenings run! Nature is pretty darn neat! #rainbow

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