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Best holiday-themed Strava art

'Tis our favourite time of year to get creative on Strava

It’s the time of year when runners and cyclists are doing cool, holiday-related things while they’re out there logging kilometres, and creating Strava art is one of those things. Here’s the best holiday-themed Strava art we’ve discovered. (Admittedly, some of it was created on bikes, but since many runners also cycle and vice versa, we decided to relax our usually strict observance of running-only coverage for the purpose of this story.)

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Much of the impressive new Strava art was created by Anthony Hoyte, a heritage consultant in Cheltenham, UK, who, as a recent CTV News story explains, has been creating holiday-themed Strava art for three years. Hoyte was inspired by Victoria Strava artist Stephen Lund.


Of course, Hoyte isn’t the only Strava artist doing great holiday-themed stuff:


Frankly, there’s a lot of Strava art that’s crudely executed and not really deserving of the term. We picked examples that don’t make you guess what the poster was trying to achieve.


And these were definitely created by runners: