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Boston’s McGillivray recovering well six weeks post-surgery

The Boston Marathon race director's doctor pronounces him "way, way ahead of the norm" in his recovery from open heart surgery last month

Anyone who has run, or has aspirations to run, the Boston Marathon will be relieved to know that race director Dave McGillivray’s health status is looking better and better, six weeks after he was forced to undergo a triple bypass. McGillivray posted a series of giddily optimistic tweets headed LIFE IS GOOD after his six-week post-surgery checkup this morning at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital.

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Here’s the full text: “This week, I had my 6-week checkup since my bypass surgery at #MGH. Bottom line–ALL GOOD. My heart surgeon was very pleased with my progress and indicated that I am way, way ahead of the norm.

“He said I could drive, travel, lift things, swim and do just about anything I would normally do (within reason). All my vitals are spot on and he said the incision was healing perfectly.


“I now have a stress test scheduled for early next week in my cardiologist’s lab at MGH (Dr. Aaron Baggish). This will be the first time I’ll actually jog/run (on the treadmill). Once I get those results and if all remains positive, I actually should be able to start shuffling/jogging/running later next week. Holy cow. Never really expected that. Thought all this would take at least three months. I am so anxious to know if my chest discomfort and laboured breathing have now gone away once I start running.

Canada’s Krista DuChene finishing third at this year’s Boston Marathon. Instagram: Krista Duchene

“That would be amazing–all fixed up. I will definitely take it very slow and steady, but very excited where I am at this point and so early after the surgery. Boston 2019 is looking better every day. Thanks to all my family members/friends who have been supporting me throughout this process.”

McGillivray, a husband and father of five, is an accomplished marathoner and triathlete, and his heart problems are mostly genetic. Diagnosed with severe coronary disease six months after the bombings that rocked the 2013 race, McGillivray tried to dodge the need for surgery until pain and shortness of breath indicated a serious blockage and made it unavoidable.

Canadian Running wishes Dave all the best for his continued recovery.