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Hurdler finishes race with brutal 17 cm gash to leg after hard fall

Brenna Porter of Brigham Young University finishes her 400m hurdles race after heavily falling on the first turn and suffering a cut to her leg

Brenna Porter

Had she dropped out of her 400m hurdles race, Brigham Young University athlete Brenna Porter had a valid excuse.

With a bloodied leg, due to a brutal gash below the knee, the Provo, Utah-based athlete continued on to finish in a display of strength and perseverance. At the NCAA West Regionals, which act as a qualifying meet for the American university (NCAA) championships, Porter, a second-year runner, hit the first hurdle within the first 100m of the race.


Though she was not able to get over the first hurdle, it was not the initial contact that caused the gash. Rather, once Porter hit the ground, she veered slightly and struck the hurdle in the outer lane. With a 17-18 cm gash on her right leg, Porter realized the severity of the injury on the final turn.

“I remember when I was coming around the fourth turn, my leg felt super wet,” she says in the below video. “You just have to be willing to put yourself on the line, and just attack it.”

Video and photos (warning: graphic)

“I am all about the struggle, that is what means most to me,” she told BYU Sports Nation.