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Camille Herron becomes youngest runner to join 100K Lifetime Miles club

100,000 miles is equivalent to four laps around Earth by foot

The 50 and 100-mile world record holder, Camille Herron, has become the youngest runner to join the 100,000 Lifetime Miles club. At 40, she has had an illustrious running career in marathons and ultras, but on Thursday evening, she knocked off her 100,000th lifetime mile surrounded by her friends and family.

While there are no official records for such achievements, 100K Lifetime Miles uses the honour system. Herron began keeping track of her mileage on her wall calendar back in 1995, while she was in high school. She later transitioned her miles into an Excel spreadsheet, which she still uses today.

Herron is the 117th runner to join the club.

The distance is equivalent to approximately four trips around Earth. Herron has averaged 3,700 miles (5,950 km) per year since 1995. In her biggest year, 2011, she hit 5,848.48 miles.

As she finished her run, Herron was ecstatic about the achievement but immediately said “Let’s keep going,” in typical ultrarunner fashion.

She claimed she will celebrate this accomplishment with a steak dinner and possibly post-run donuts.

In February, Herron broke her 100-mile world record time of 12:42:40 at the Jackpot Ultras in Nevada. She is also the only ultrarunner to win all three of the 50K, 100K, and 24-hour World Championships.