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These are the snowy dogs that are supporting our readers through the *rough* miles

Kudos to the dogs who are bringing our readers through the tough miles

There’s something about winter running that really brings out our inner adventurer. With streets slick with ice and freshly fallen snow blanketing those routes we know so well, running during this season is a much more significant accomplishment. Last week when much of Canada was in a severe deep freeze, we rounded up the best shots of our dear readers. What we got was a lot of frozen eyelashes and icy eyebrows. But this week, there’s an important training partner who deserves the spotlight: your dogs. Always excited and ready for a run, dogs are the most faithful training partner there is. This winter, they too have been braving the cold conditions. Here are just a few of the furry, snowy pals who have been accompanying our readers through the winter miles. 

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“Nearing the end of our 5 k loop. He’s the reason I started to run. He’s whipped my butt in shape and outside in the winter 😊” – Erin Young

“Kobe’s been running lately with a rough -33 Celsius average but good pup is keeping up!” – Paula Figueroa Aguilar

“This is what happened to my big friend running this weekend :(” – Amber Dawn

“Annie the nut” – Johnny Cabral

Jason Quaschnick

Ian Smith

“Norm and I last year.” – Jessica Christine

Nicolas Lupien

Kate Szacun

“Snowy, but great exercise!” – Marla Breakwell-Jones

“He loves to run even at 20 under😀” – Eric Bronsard