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Carl Lewis slams Trump at Pan Am Games

In response to a question about pay equity in sport at a press conference in Lima on Monday, the nine-time Olympic gold medallist was openly critical of the current President

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Nine-time Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis publicly criticized US President Donald Trump at a press conference at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru yesterday, calling him both racist and misogynist.

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“In America we have a tremendous challenge,” Lewis said. “There are a lot of issues going on. We have a racist President who’s prejudiced and misogynistic, who doesn’t value anyone other than himself, so we have a tremendous challenge to deal with in our country as well, but it doesn’t mean we can’t fight for what is right…”

Lewis’s comments were in response to a question about pay equity in sports during a press conference attended by him and former 100m world record-holder Leroy Burrell. A report on Líbero.pe included video of the press conference.


Lewis also credited his mother with getting him into athletics, and said he fully supports pay equity for women in sport.

The retired sprinter-turned-coach, who will present the 100m and long jump medals in Lima this week, racked up nine gold medals and one silver in the sprints and long jump at the four Olympic Games between 1984 and 1996.

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