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CBC’s Scott Russell aiming for 300 runs this Olympic year

With 2016 being an Olympic year, CBC's Scott Russell is targeting 300 runs this year as he travels the world and covers amateur sports.

Scott Russell

The voice of CBC’s Road To The Olympic Games, Scott Russell has been a prominent voice in amateur sports for more than 25 years.

With 2016 being an Olympic year, he’s aiming for 300 runs this year, and documenting them on Instagram as he travels the world in the lead up to the Rio, the first time that South America will host the Games, which begin Aug. 5.

If you’ve been following him on Instagram, he’s got a pretty good run streak going at this point.

Before life on the road gets too hectic, we had a chance to catch up with Scott and ask him a few questions about one of his other passions, running, including what types of gadgets he uses, and what we can expect at the Rio Games this summer.

Run #2 #2016 Miner’s Bay Road @canadianrunning @cottagelife @cbc.sports @participaction

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On his wrist:

“No new gadgets, I’m not very technically inclined. But since getting a smartphone, I’ve become more interested in photography, perhaps it’s because even a neophyte like myself can figure it out.

I like the way you can adjust the filter on the photograph with a smartphone to give it a more interesting and dramatic look. It’s fun and I tend to carry the phone in a small backpack when I run because I have this tendency to trip and fall when running off trail — I’ve broken more than one phone this way!”

On his feet:

“I’m running in the Nike LunarGlides. I first got a pair at the London 2012 Olympics and I find them to be really stable and supportive for a heavy-footed guy like myself.”

Two Canadians to watch at the 2016 Summer Olympics:

— “Melissa Bishop in the 800m. I was amazed by her great race at the Pan American Games in Toronto and then blown away as I saw her run the semi-final and the final in Beijing at the IAAF World Championships. She has great talent but also seems to run exceptionally well strategically. All this in such a deep field. Really believe she could win a medal at the Olympics.

Lanni Marchant in the 10,000m and marathon. I know she’s qualified in both and I hope she chooses to run in both and that she is physically able. It would be a great Canadian accomplishment and I know how hard she has worked to get to the Olympics. She is simply tenacious and inspiring to watch compete.”

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Exploring Rio via running:

“Yes, I hope to explore Rio and other parts of Brazil that I see. I love learning about new places through running and it also helps me get my head in the Olympic Games. Although I am far from it, it makes me feel more attuned to the Olympic experience.”

Memorable runs:

“I have run a few times in West Africa through my visits with Right to Play to Liberia and Benin. My hope is to return to Africa soon on another trip with Right to Play — romantically I would like to go to Kenya at some point and run in that environment. It seems mystical to me, I’d like to be inspired by it.”

Run #3 #2016 Outer reaches Ashbridge’s Bay @canadianrunning @participaction @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics

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Run #4 #2016 East Donlands @canadianrunning @participaction @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics

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Run #5 #2016 Treadmill… @canadianrunning @participaction @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics

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Run #6 #2016 Port of Toronto @canadianrunning @participaction @cbc.sports @cbcolympics @sportcanada

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Run #8 #2016 First light…The Beach… @canadianrunning @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics @participaction

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Run #12 #2016 Not alone at dusk. Lakeshore East @canadianrunning @participaction @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics

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Run #14 #2016 Queen’s Quay by the Tall Ships @canadianrunning @participaction @sportcanada @cbc.sports @cbcolympics

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Editor’s note: This interview has been edited for style.