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Check out the new beer mile video game

"All the fun of the beer mile, without the public intoxication"

The game is called Beer Mile All-Stars 2018. The game features the world’s best beer milers, including several talented Canadian beer milers, such as world record-holder Corey Bellemore.

Canadian Lewis Kent, former world champion, has also endorsed the game. 

In the game the player must drink a beer, and run a lap four times.  The beer must be consumed at a realistic rate, otherwise the player will vomit. Once the beer is consumed, the player can move the runner forward, again at a realistic rate to avoid vomiting. 

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The game was created by Hunter Andrin, who studied engineering at Western University. Andrin also ran for the Western Mustangs.

The game is available free for IOS and Android devices. 

Canada does more than produce great beer milers and beer mile video games. Vancouver, B.C. is hosting the Beer Mile World Classic from August 9-11th. The venue is the Swanguard Stadium, the same venue where the Harry Jerome Track Classic took place at the end of June. 

The World Classic has men’s and women’s elite beer mile events, along with a beer mile relay for those who feel more confident in their beer 400m. 

The beer mile has taken off as a major event. In 2015, the Beer Mile World Classic was the most viewed race in the world, eclipsing any single day of the IAAF World Championships.  

Can’t make it out the Vancouver for the world classic? The video game is the next best thing.