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Colleen Quigley dominates in ESPN’s Peloton All-Star Ride

Quigley won the women's event, and she's looking for a rematch with a couple of golf champions

Photo by: Instagram/steeple_squigs

American track and field stars Colleen Quigley and Allyson Felix participated in ESPN’s Peloton All-Star Ride, a virtual cycling event that pitted 16 professional athletes (eight men and eight women) against one another in a 20-minute time trial. Quigley won the women’s event (and finished fifth overall), blowing away the rest of the field with a final score of 348 compared to the second-place score of 226 from American golfer Morgan Pressel. Felix was the eighth-place woman with a score of 156.

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Quigley vs. the PGA Tour

Quigley performed extremely well at this event, and she admitted on Twitter later that she “didn’t take it easy on these women, I wanted to win.” She also took jabs at golf champions Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson, tweeting, “[I] would have been fifth in the men’s ride and I’m pretty sure I could have beaten Rory if given the chance to chase him down. Rory—head to head? Bubba, you can join too.” McIlroy finished just ahead of Quigley with 351 points to her 348, but Watson was far behind the pair, sitting at 275 points. U.S. Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers, who scored 417 points, won the men’s competition.

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Riding for charity

This was a fun and lighthearted event, but the main reason for the ride was not competition, but rather to support the Food Bank for New York City. Before the event, Peloton said it would donate one million meals to the food bank if the group of 16 riders could produce a collective total of 3,000 Peloton points. The challenge was a success, and the athletes pushed close to 4,000 points as a group to help people in need during these strange and difficult times.

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