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Corey Bellemore lowers his own beer mile world record

The beer mile was held during halftime of a San Francisco Deltas game on Saturday

beer mile

Just when you thought the buzz around the beer mile may be wearing off, Canadian Corey Bellemore goes out and sets a world record.

Bellemore, by far the fastest beer mile in the world, lowered his own world record in the four-beer, four-lap event on Saturday in California. According to a video posted to the Beer Mile World Classic page, the new mark was reported to be 4:32.95. A comment on the video states the record time has been updated to 4:33.6.

Bellemore first set the beer mile world record on July 28, 2016, becoming the first person to break 4:40, and then lowered the record again to 4:34.35 days later on July 31.

The beer mile was held on a 400m track at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. The race was held during halftime at the San Francisco Delta’s game, a soccer club which plays in the North American Soccer League. The Oct. 28 beer mile, which also included former beer mile world record holder Corey Gallagher, was hand-timed.

The rules of the beer mile include: beer must be consumed before the start of each 400m lap, beer, either in a can or bottle, must be 355 mL and of five per cent alcohol and the beer cannot be opened in advance.

Editor’s note: The article previously stated that the race was electronically timed.