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Czech Republic creates Strava art to mark 100th anniversary

Nation celebrates historic milestone with massive GPS doodle


Is Strava art a thing of the past? Not in the Czech Republic, which marked the 100th anniversary of its former iteration, Czechoslovakia, on Sunday with a massive GPS doodle representing the two-tailed lion that is one of the country’s national symbols.

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The project, called Lvi Stopa (which translates as Lion’s Footprint), was a collaboration between the Czech auto maker Skoda and We Love Cycling, and supported by a number of other national organizations. It involved tracking a complicated route that spanned almost the entire width of the country, using 150 cyclists.

Photo: Strava

Strava art refers to the practice of designing a picture or message on a map and then traveling the route (typically by either running or cycling) while tracking it with a Strava-compatible GPS. Once you upload your trip, voila–your piece of Strava art appears.

The Czech lion is a similar idea to the dragon created by runners Martyn Driscoll and Alan Stone last year in Wales, which covered 44K and required eight hours of running.


Though Strava art, also known as GPS art, started with cyclists, it’s very popular among runners, too. (We highlighted the work of Sean Sherstone of Ladysmith, B.C. last year.) What better way to spice up your workout than to follow a path that will result in a piece of experimental art?

Creating Strava art, like any other type of art, takes time, patience, and practice. Canadian Strava artist Stephen Lund has some useful tips on how to do it.