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Dave McGillivray goes for his first run post-surgery

The Boston Marathon race director is back out running after undergoing open-heart surgery seven weeks ago

Yesterday afternoon Dave McGillivray went for his first, tentative run in his suburban Boston neighbourhood after having triple bypass surgery seven weeks ago.

An accomplished marathoner, ultramarathoner and triathlete, McGillivray, 64, was diagnosed with severe heart disease five years ago, and was finally forced to undergo open heart surgery in mid-October.

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The Boston Marathon race director admitted to having a lot of “nervousness and trepidation” as he laced up for his first jog post-surgery. He alternated walking and jogging, running a little less than 5K altogether and walking about a kilometre. “I didn’t set any speed records,” he tweeted, “but it was just good to get back out on the road.”

McGillivray was, understandably, not looking to draw attention to himself (though he was sporting a bright blue Boston Marathon jacket and a red tuque). But while he was out, he ran into his friend, Steve Cooper of the independent TV Channel 7, who stopped to take his picture, and then tweeted the news that McGillivray was out for a run. “So much for ‘sneaking’ out for my first run!!” said McGillivray.

“All in all,” he concluded, “I’m pleased with my first day back running on the road since my surgery 7 weeks ago. I wonder if I will be sore tomorrow??”

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