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Dave Scott-Thomas gets lifetime coaching ban

Athletics Canada investigated Scott-Thomas after former Guelph runner Megan Brown told The Globe and Mail of the abuse she endured as a member of his team

Athletics Canada announced today that former University of Guelph and Team Canada coach Dave Scott-Thomas has received a lifetime coaching ban. Scott-Thomas was fired by Guelph in December 2019, and in February, The Globe and Mail published a story on Megan Brown, a former Guelph runner, who alleged she had endured sexual and emotional abuse by the coach.

The statement issued by Office of the Athletics Canada Commissioner lays out the details of Scott-Thomas’s ban: he is banned for life from coaching any Athletics Canada members or any members of any affiliated club or associations, and he additionally is barred from Athletics Canada facilities, and he may not attend or participate in any Athletics Canada events or competitions for five years, with the exception of events in which his children or immediate family are registered participants.

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After the five-year period is up, Scott-Thomas will be permitted to attend Athletics Canada competitions as a spectator only. He cannot coach any athletes, nor access the track, training or warmup areas at any competitions. If commits any of these infractions, he will receive an automatic lifetime ban from attending any future events, whether his family is involved in them or not.

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