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Des Linden’s coffee company parts ways with Ben & Sarah True

The 2018 Boston Marathon winner and husband Ryan will continue roasting beans without their former partners

Linden and True, the specialty coffee-roasting company formerly owned by runners Des and Ryan Linden and Ben and Sarah True, has rebranded as Linden x Two and the Trues have left the business, according to an Instagram post by the company on Friday.

In the post, the company explained that trying to run a company when one couple (the Lindens) lives in Michigan and the other in New Hampshire had become impossible, but that the split was amicable and they wished each other well.

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In 2018 Des Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years, in a driving rainstorm and bitter temperatures. In 2019 she finished fifth. Ryan Linden is a marathoner turned triathlete.


The Trues are also athletes–Ben is a former nordic skier turned runner who holds the American record for the road 5K (13:20). He finished fifth in the 2016 US Olympic Trials, less than half a second behind Paul Chelimo, who won the bronze in the 5,000m. Sarah is a double-Olympian triathlete who missed the podium by 10 seconds in 2012, and was forced to withdraw due to leg cramps in the cycling portion of the triahtlon in 2016. She finished second at her first Ironman competition in Frankfurt last year.

The company’s signature red-lumberjack-style branding has not changed.