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Donald Trump’s health is “excellent” says doctor

Dr. Ronny Jackson says that Trump would benefit from a "routine exercise regimen"

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Photo: Gage Skidmore/Flickr.

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the doctor for Barack Obama, George W. Bush and now Donald Trump, says the president’s overall health is “excellent.”

Trump’s health information was published on Tuesday in the “President’s Periodic Physical Exam,” his first physical since taking office. The 71-year-old, who stands at 6’3, weighs 239 lb (a body mass index of 29.9) and has a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minute, according to the physician to the president. A body mass index of 30 or greater is considered obese, according to Health Canada.

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In the published exam, Jackson says that Trump “demonstrated above-average exercise capacity based on age and sex, and a normal heart rate, blood pressure, and cardiac output response to exercise.” He does not follow a daily exercise routine. In fact, the New Yorker, in its May 8, 2017 issue, wrote that Trump considers exercise, other than golf, to be “misguided, arguing that a person, like a battery, is born with a finite amount of energy.”

The doctor adds that Trump would benefit “from a diet that is lower in fat and carbohydrates, and from a routine exercise regimen.” It’s been reported that Trump consumes upwards of 12 Diet Cokes per day.

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