Don’t use social distancing to get rich quick

We are all about encouraging social distance running, but not with cheesy merchandise

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If you’ve been thinking about cashing in on a social distancing-related business idea for runners, we’ve got two things to tell you: 1. Don’t do that, it’s not in good taste, and 2. You’re too late, someone else beat you to the punch. An unknown individual created the Social Distance Run Club, with an Instagram page to go along with it. Other than its name, the business has nothing to do with social distancing, and it isn’t a running club, either, it’s just a clothing site. There are a lot of great running and fitness ideas out there, but we don’t think this is one of them.


Social distancing is really important these days, and it’s one of the best ways to avoid spreading germs and to flatten the curve of COVID-19. While this has almost nothing to do with running, the creator(s) of the Social Distance Run Club seem to think there’s some connection. Sure, you can (and should) practice social distancing while on a run, but that can be said for any activity. Grocery shopping? Social distance. Getting the mail? Social distance. Doing anything outside of your house? Social distance.

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The site is pretty bare, but one of the few lines of text uses the hashtag #SocialDistance. It’s a great message, but not one you need on a shirt. If you do need that on your shirt to remind you not to get too close to other people, you should just stay inside until this whole mess blows over. Things will be better that way. Run on the treadmill. Work out inside. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out again.

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The collections

There are three “collections” from which you can buy gear on the Social Distance Run Club site: the “Dri-Fit Collection” (which features two types of shirts), “Just Chill” (clothes you can “chill” in, like a hoodie or jacket) and “Accessories” (socks and beanies). Is this the next Nike or Adidas? We don’t think so.