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Eight of the most obscure running-related Guinness World Records

The Guinness records include both traditional and non-traditional running records, and there are many records that few people know about.

The Guinness Book of World Records aims to inspire “individuals, schools, teams, companies, and communities.” Their records-keeping has encouraged people to attempt the impossible since 1955.

Different from IAAF records (the governing body for track and field, which also presides over traditional running records), the Guinness records include both traditional and non-traditional running records.

Certain non-traditional running records have become well known, such as the world record for the fastest marathon with a stroller, held by Canadian Calum Neff. But there are many other records that few people know about.

Here’s a round-up of eight of the most obscure running related Guinness World Records: 

Fastest marathon run by father and son: The fastest marathon run by a parent and child on aggregate is a 5:02:12 run by Graham Green and his son Ben Green at the 2015 Virgin London Marathon, in London, United Kingdom, on April, 25 2015.

Fastest marathon running with an egg and spoon: Dale Lyons of Meriden, West Midlands, United Kingdom ran the London marathon while carrying a dessert spoon with a fresh egg on it in 3:47:00 on April 23, 1990. 

Fastest backwards one kilometre: The fastest one kilometre run backwards is 3:22.04, achieved by Aaron Yoder of the United States. Yoder ran his time at the Linsborg/Bethany College Track in Linsborg, Kansas on June 21, 2017. 

Most marathons run by a married couple: The most marathons run by a married couple is 1,050, and was achieved by David and Linda Major both of the United Kingdom, and verified on May 26, 2016. That’s an estimated 378,000 minutes of running together. 

Longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon: The longest scarf knitted whilst running a marathon is 3.70 metres, and was knitted by David Babcock of the United States at the Kansas City Marathon on October 19, 2013. David took up running in 2010 and learned to knit around the same time. After struggling to find time to practice both hobbies, David began to knit during his runs. 

Fastest swim fin/flipper run – 20 metres: The record for the fastest 20 metre run while wearing standard scuba-diving flippers is 3.50 seconds by Christophe Bertaux on the set of L’Emission des Records in Paris, France, on March 29, 2000. 

Fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable: The fastest marathon dressed as a vegetable is 2:45:08 and was achieved by Andrew Lawrence of the United Kingdom at the Virgin Money London Marathon in London, United Kingdom, on April 23, 2017. Andrew ran dressed as a carrot.

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Fastest 10K carrying 100lbs: Morgan Mckay of Ottawa, Ont. submitted her attempt at breaking a Guinness World Record for fastest 10K while carrying 100 lbs. Mckay completed the 10K at the 2018 Tamarack Ottawa race weekend in a time of 1:34:00. She was approved June 12th, 2018 and has officially broken the previous record by 19 minutes.