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Eight times running satirist Dumb Runner hit home (and made us laugh)

Dumb Runner's gentle mockery of running culture reminds us not to take ourselves so seriously

Dumb Runner poster Photo by: dumbrunner.com

Mark Remy, aka Dumb Runner, spent years writing for major running publications before launching his own site, what he calls “an online destination for runners who enjoy laughter and pie.” Every time I open social media to find an all-too-accurate but hilarious Dumb Runner cartoon or article I’m reminded that there are other weirdos out there like me.

Portland-based Remy is a runner and a cyclist whose real-life running resume boasts 28 marathons, nine of those at Boston. Remy’s work, while always making us chuckle, often hits just a tad close to home. We picked a few of our Dumb Runner faves to brighten your week.

If you’ve ever had a great marathon photo, you’re a unicorn

Dumb runner marathon photos

Let’s be realistic

dumb runner realistic motivation

Simple carbs FTW

Dumb Runner running fuel comic

When you toe the line beside that guy

dumb runner weird racer comic

D.P.M is how the best runs are measured

Dogs per mile comic

There’s always a reason to…skip your workout?

dumb runner wheel of excuses comic

You alone hold the power to make that long run great

desert island runner comic

All jokes aside, Remy’s best advice is simple and true

Dumb Runner rules for starting running

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