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The GOAT among men’s marathoners also a running dad

Eliud Kipchoge strides it out with his three children leading the way

Eliud Kipchoge


Eliud Kipchoge: the greatest, in terms of winning record, men’s marathoner in history (or the GOAT, short for the greatest of all-time), scholar, animal lover and, per a recent Instagram post, candidate for running dad of the year.

In the Kipchoge household, Sunday’s are for long runs, and also runs with the kids.

As shared by the NN Running Team, the world-class training group with which Kipchoge train with, shared a photo of Kipchoge and his children running in Kenya. “Eliud Kipchoge spends the Sundays with his kids,” NN Running Team captioned the photograph showing the classic red dirt roads of the Rift Valley, a renown hotbed for distance running.