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Eliud Kipchoge’s isolation video diary

While in self-isolation, Kipchoge will keep a video diary of his training, so you can see how the world's fastest marathoner handles the challenges of solo training

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Self-isolation and running solo day in and day out can be difficult. One of the best parts of training is getting out with a group and pushing one another, but for the next little while, that’s not possible. Even the world’s best athletes are struggling with this, and the BBC will be releasing a series of videos documenting Eliud Kipchoge‘s training during self-isolation.


Stuck-at-home diary

Kipchoge’s video diary will cover his training and daily schedule now that he’s forced to go at it all alone. In the first instalment of his mini-series, he says that his most recent training camp was cancelled due to coronavirus.

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“It’s really hard to train alone, because I value teamwork,” he says. Training alone can be difficult, especially if you’re used to working in a group, like Kipchoge does. He talks about the loneliness he’s feeling in solo training, which is something many runners can relate to right now.

Keep a set schedule

Kipchoge says he is making sure to continue to train as he normally would, and he is maintaining a proper schedule while he does it.

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“I am trying to keep more fit myself,” he says, “and wake up as early as six o’clock to go for a run and make sure I stay fit.” If you’re stuck at home, depending on whether you are working or temporarily unable to work, it may be tempting to sleep late and watch TV all day. But keeping a consistent schedule and attempting to maintain your fitness can help keep you in the right headspace as your self-isolation continues.

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You don’t necessarily have to get up early every day, but even planning for a daily 9 a.m. workout is a good way to get your day started. This is clearly what Kipchoge is doing these days, and he’s done pretty well for himself on the running scene, so he might be a good lead to follow. It’s not said how often he will update his video diary, but it will be interesting to see how the world’s fastest marathoner will work through these trying times.