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Etiquette reminders for runners attending holiday parties

Chances are you've got some parties lined up in the coming weeks. Here are our guidelines to fit in among non-runners

Runners are free to be themselves among the circles that understand them, when their habits won’t offend or shock those in their midst. But a holiday party is typically a melting pot of friends, and not all circles understand the habits of runners like other runners or the people closest to them.

From eating a ton, to talking about upcoming races, to showing up sweaty, here are a few things that runners would normally do that should be reigned in for the benefit of non-running party-goers. Unless you’re at your running club’s holiday party–then the following is actually encouraged. 

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Eat everything 


At a holiday party, there’s always food of some sort, sometimes even dinner. Runners eat more than most people. As a rule, take one normal-size serving and wait until everyone is done before going back for more. Better yet, consider pre-eating, so the inevitably small portions at dinner fill you up. 

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Show up sweaty 


When seeing running friends, the activity almost always has to do with running, so showing up sweaty is fine. For a holiday party, try and squeeze the run in earlier in the day and show up clean. Not everyone is as understanding as your running buddies.

Wear running shoes


We know, they’re practical and comfortable. We’re not saying you have to wear heels, but throw on a pair of nice shoes for the party. Better yet, wear running shoes to get there and change into different shoes for the actual event. 

Talk about their mileage 


For most non-runners, chatting about training isn’t that interesting. Save that for your end-of-year team party. 

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Get competitive 


Runners are naturally competitive. We love challenging each other to races, stealing segments and doing longer running streaks. Unless it’s a competition to see who can clean up the fastest, leave your competitive spirit at the door. 

Wear race t-shirts 


This sort of goes hand in hand with wearing running shoes. Class it up a little bit at the holiday party and wear something festive, not your Boston 2018 shirt.