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Five songs not to listen to during a run

You'll want to hit the skip button the next time these songs come on shuffle

We have all been there, you are jamming to your favourite running tune, then the next song comes on and kills your vibe. Music adds entertainment to your run. Studies show that music increases motivation and may help you run farther. We choose running songs that are upbeat and motivating, but a closer listen to some song lyrics shows that they aren’t motivating at all.

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These 5 songs will have you hitting the skip button the next time they come on shuffle.

1) Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)

Queen’s – Under Pressure featuring David Bowie is awkward to listen to on a run. The song is extremely repetitive and implies a battle of wills between the two men. Bowie is the voice of doom and Freddie Mercury is the voice of pain – two things you don’t want during your run!

2) Kiss from a Rose (Seal)

This love ballad is romantic imagery of a rose blooming in a sudden beam of light against the grey tower. This song is intended for weddings, not your running playlist, and especially if you are doing a hill workout.

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3) Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)

Although Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven picks up in the second half of the song, it should remain off your running playlist and stay at high-school dances. The song is about how heaven’s price is the path of the heart, paid by being a worthy human being. All and all, a tad slow for most running workouts, unless you are going for a long and steady run, or doing stairs.

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4) The Final Countdown (Europe)

This song is frequently played before the start of the race but needs to be removed from running in general. You know that every DJ is itching to play it when the final minutes approach before a race. The song is extremely repetitive for everyday running and promotes negative connotations (running less) when it says ‘it’s the final countdown’ 19 times.

5) Lips of an Angel (Hinder)

‘Honey, why are you putting this song’ on your playlist? Don’t get me wrong – this song is a classic for 90s kids, but too slow for any type of run. The song is about the singer wanting back with his ex whenever he talks to her because he misses the sound of her angelic voice. There are better upbeat songs and voices to hear while you are working out.