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Four American elite runners parody Justin Bieber’s hit track

Four Boston Athletic Association athletes did their best Justin Bieber impression by performing a parody of his hit song "Sorry."

Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) athletes, who were training in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. at the time the video was posted, parodied Justin Bieber’s hit track Sorry, from the album Purpose.

The four include American collegiate (NCAA) champions Emily Lipari and Juliet Bottorff as well as national qualifiers Katie Matthews and Sarah Pagano. The B.A.A. is the host organization for the Boston Marathon, among other road races in the Boston area.

The runners dressed in clothes reminiscent of the 1980s and spent their downtime between runs with some dancing and singing.

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Bieber’s Sorry track reached second on the Canadian Top 100 list and topped eight charts outside of Canada.