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France bans running further than 2K from home

France is in a 15 day lockdown, which means no running outside of a 2K radius of home

As of noon on Tuesday March 17, France went into a 15-day lockdown, which restricts people to going out for essential work, to buy food and essentials, to attend medical appointments, for vital family reasons and for individual physical exercise. However, the exercise can only be done within a 2K radius of a person’s home. Cycling has been completely banned.

Photo: Paris Marathon

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The French Ministry of Sport clarified today, stating, “A 1K or 2K run maximum. It’s not about getting far away from your house. The rule is confinement for everyone. Remember that you should only be leaving for emergencies or for your health. A little jog is good for your sanity but not a 10K run.”

Although most are understanding of the restrictions, some French citizens are upset.

“This measure is really pure stupidity,” says Guillaume Multrier. “What are we risking riding solo? We’re farther from others than in all the other authorized activities.”

However, while some are upset, others are making the best of the situation. The Huffington Post reports that Elisha Nochomovitz spent six hours and 48 minutes running 42.2K around the seven-metre balcony of his apartment in Toulouse on Tuesday.

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