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Has Andre De Grasse left Altis?

It's rumoured that amidst Andre De Grasse's rocky 2018 outdoor season, he could be parting ways with ALTIS and his coach

London 2017
Andre De Grasse
Photo: Laci Perenyi.

It’s rumoured that amidst Andre De Grasse’s rocky 2018 outdoor season, he could be parting ways with ALTIS and his coach. ALTIS is an elite athlete training environment in Phoenix, Arizona. De Grasse has trained there with coach Stuart McMillan as a member of the short sprints group.

Despite many great opportunities, De Grasse has struggled this year to run a strong time. He’s competed at multiple Diamond League events, and most recently, at the Harry Jerome Track Classic in Burnaby, B.C. De Grasse is going into the Canadian National Championships having only run the fourth fastest Canadian time in the 100m of the 2018 outdoor season. De Grasse may struggle to defend his national title.

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De Grasse has been in Canada much more than usual in the past three weeks, which has fueled the rumours surrounding his training situation. He was in Toronto for the Athletics Canada Track Takeover in June 12th, tagged in a photo at York University on June 14th, and also posted a strength video with trainer Tony Sharpe, who De Grasse has known since high school. The sprinter then headed west from Ontario to B.C. for Harry Jerome. Nothing has been confirmed by De Grasse, his coach, or his agents surrounding these rumours.


Many athletes have rough years, and are able to rebound in the coming seasons. Is De Grasse likely to salvage his 2018 season? Probably not. But is he done as a world class sprinter? Probably not.