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Hot sauce or trail race?

The game is simple, does the name listed belong to a hot sauce or a trail race?

Have you ever noticed the trail race names and hot sauces sound oddly similar? Both pursuits (eating hot sauce and running a trail race) take pain and look it right in the eye–this shows in how they name their products.

We’ve never done a quiz before, but here at Canadian Running we think this is a worthy topic. Welcome to: hot sauce or trail race? The game is simple: we present a name, and you decide if it’s a hot sauce brand or a trail event. We will list all answers at the bottom–best of luck.

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1. Transylvanian Bear 


2. Round the Rock

3. Hot Hippo

4. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

5. Meet the Minotaur 

6. Honiton Hippo

7. Dr. Chilemeister’s PhD of Pain

8. Bubba’s Butt Blaster

9. Fat Dog

10. Sinister 7

Answer key

1. Transylvanian Bear is a trail race in Romania.

2. Round the Rock is a trail race in New Jersey.

3. Hot Hippo is a hot sauce made by Angry Goat Pepper Co. and was the world’s hottest hot sauce in 2015.

4. Kiss Your A** Goodbye is a Louisiana hot sauce made from habañero peppers with a medium heat.

5. Meet the Minotaur is a trail race in Crowsnest Pass, AB.

6. Honiton Hippo is a seven mile multi-terrain trail race in the United Kingdom.

7. Dr. Chilemeister’s PhD of Pain is a hot sauce made from both habañero and scotch bonnet peppers.

8. Bubba’s Butt Blaster is an extreme South Carolina inspired hot sauce. The company recommends adding it to your favourite mustard or barbeque sauce.

9. Fat Dog is a trail race in the Cascade Mountains in BC.

10. Sinister 7 is a trail race in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.