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Hot takes with Canadian decathlon record holder Damian Warner

Does Damian Warner prefer Flaming Hot Cheetos or all dressed chips? Find out here

2014 Commonwealth Games

Damian Warner is not just Canada’s best decathletes, he’s one of the world’s best. The London, Ont. native is an Olympic and World Championship medallist who has come within striking distance of the decathlon world record on several occasions. 

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We know that Warner loves the decathlon, and we know that he’s a high-level athlete, but below are some of Warner’s opinions that we were unaware of before yesterday. We presented Warner with 10 rapid-fire questions on contested topics that don’t necessarily have anything to do with running. Here’s how he answered. 

Damian Warner cools off after breaking the Canadian decathlon record.
Damian Warner cools off after breaking the Canadian decathlon record.

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Flaming Hot Cheetos or all dressed chips? All-dressed.

Treadmill or cold-weather run? Treadmill.

Ariana Grande or Kanye? Ariana Grande.

Nike Vaporfly’s: too much or just enough? Not sure, I haven’t used them.

Toronto or Los Angeles? Toronto.

Friends or Seinfeld? Friends.

Apple or Google? Apple.

Fancy or casual? Casual.

Cocktail or beer? Neither, he doesn’t drink.

City or beach? Beach. 

Want to know more about Warner? Canadian Running is doing a day in the life series with some of Canada’s top athletes and record holders. Keep an eye out for a glimpse into the lives of Warner, Melissa Bishop, Gen Lalonde and Gabriela Stafford as they gear up for their 2019 seasons.