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How high is your heart rate while watching the Raptors game?

Did you wear your smart watch during the game last night? Check out your health data

Last night’s Raptors game was stressful, to say the least. The nail-biting, two-points-short of a victory was a real letdown for Torontonians and Raps fans nationwide. Stress spikes a person’s heart rate, and heart rate is one predictor of calories burned.

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But what does the stress of a Raptors game to do a runner’s body? We took a look at the health data of two Canadian Running employees to see how their smartwatches picked up their activity during the game. We found that both Dan Walker and Dave Carpenter saw a significant spike in heart rate around game time.

Disclaimer: This is in no way actual science or an actual study. It’s merely a funny correlation between two runners, their health data and a Raptors playoff game.

Dave Carpenter, Managing Editor


Carpenter is a Raps fan who wore his Apple watch during the game. Below are his health stats and you can see a gradual increase in heart rate, peaking at midnight, right after the buzzer-beater ball was thrown to close out the devastating 105-106 game against the Warriors.

Dan Walker, Account Manager

Walker is also a Raps fan who wore his Garmin during the game yesterday. He saw a significant spike in heart rate at 8:51 p.m. ET, right before the game began. Yesterday Walker was inactive with the exception of riding his bike to work and doing a lunchtime yoga session. On a day like this he would usually burn around 2,200 calories, but yesterday he burned 2,900. Is that linked to the basketball game? Potentially. His health data for June 11 is below.