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If you can run it, you can own it: An all-new way of staying motivated

Old Spice is holding a running-themed contest this month which will award runners who run creative routes with unique prizes.

Old Spice Running
Old Spice Running
David won a globe that opens and hold things. Photo: Old Spice.

Old Spice, a brand of male grooming products, popular for its body wash and soap, is helping motivate runners in a unique way with its latest contest: The Old Spice Dream Runner.

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Old Spice is rewarding people who get creative with their runs with individual prizes based on route designs. Create a route that resembles something you want and Old Spice may award that prize. The contest was launched on May 12 and each day a new theme is posted to the company’s social media accounts. The prize for May 22, for example, is a telescope.

“If you can run it, you can own it,” reads Old Spice’s description.

Runners have until May 28 to test out their creativity and running skills.

Old Spice Running
Bradley won for running a drone-themed route. Photo: Old Spice.

To participate, go to oldspicedreamrunner.com on your mobile device. No mobile application is required to participate and the website is accessible in Canada.

Old Spice Running
Tony won an inflatable hot tub for this rather simple run route. Photo: Old Spice.

Once on the website, users have the option to plan out their route and follow the pre-determined directions in order to map out the design. Users can also jump right into the run if the day’s contest design is relatively simple. The website uses GPS to track your run so it can be done from anywhere outdoors.

Runners will be able to submit their runs to the online gallery where Old Spice will determine the winners. More than 1,200 prizes will be awarded including three grand prizes. A gallery of routes submitted so far can be found here.

Perhaps Gene Lu, the runner who received widespread media attention earlier this year for re-creating Star Wars figures, can submit a design or two though it’s doubtful that Old Spice has a TIE fighter or AT-AT Walker to award.

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His designs can be seen below:

Below is Old Spice’s video to explain the contest further: