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International Dog Day: why dogs make the best training partners

If you're a dog owner, you need not ever run by yourself 

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Training is always better with a buddy. That being said, sometimes scheduling is difficult, and people are busy, so you end up running on your own. But if you’re a dog owner, you need not ever run by yourself. 

Today is International Dog Day, and in honour of the world-wide holiday, we’ve created a list of reasons why a dog is, in fact, an ideal training partner. 

They live with you. Forget having to coordinate workout times and meeting places. Your dog’s schedule is your schedule. If your dog is your primary training partner, you choose when and where the workout is. No accommodating someone else’s schedule. 


They don’t say annoying stuff mid-workout. There are days on a run where you want company, but not chatter. A dog is perfect for that. You’ve got a running buddy, but you don’t need to make conversation if you don’t want to. 


They’re built-in safety. Whether or not your dog is a good guard dog, people are less likely to mess with you if you’re running with an animal. 

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They give the best post-workout kisses. After a good workout, it’s important to congratulate your training partner on a job well done. Most dogs are very enthusiastic about this aspect of training. Forget post-workout high-fives, post-workout kisses are where it’s at. 


They don’t two-step. Everyone’s run with someone who goes roughly the same pace, but has to be just ahead. You can avoid this if you run with your dog. 

They like the same post-workout snacks as you. No need to argue after a hard effort about whether the recovery snack with be smoothies or ice-cream. Your canine companion is happy either way. 


They’re always in a good mood. It’s a dog’s life, right? What could your dog possibly have to complain about? And the best part, if you’ve had a rough day? Your dog is always there to listen. 


There are even races you can run together. After weeks of training with your dog, test their skills in a canicross race. Canicross is cross-country running with a dog, a sport that continues to grow in popularity in Canada, particularly in Quebec, though it is better known in Europe.


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