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Introducing Canada’s first performance-oriented beer

A beer with electrolytes, that's designed to be enjoyed post-exercise

After a hot workout, runners are looking for something cool and refreshing. This can take the form of a lemonade, slushie, glass of milk (for a small minority) and, for the alcohol drinkers, a beer. If you’re a light-beer-post-run kind of person, there’s a new beverage on the block that might be of interest to you: Rally Beer, a performance-oriented beer. That’s right, it’s a beer with electrolytes that’s designed to be enjoyed post-exercise. 


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The ingredients 

The company says they brew this beer with athletes in mind. Its unique combination of sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and chloride works together with alcohol to make you feel great post-run. While this drink certainly isn’t as good for you as water and a nutritious snack, some days you need to cap off your workout with a cold one, and the Rally Golden Ale is waiting. 


If you’re consuming a couple of Rally beers after an interval session, be sure to accompany those with water (even with its superfood ingredient list, beer isn’t actually hydrating) and some rest. Because remember, even healthy beer can give you a hangover. 

The Rally Golden Ale is available at your local LCBO now. 

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