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IOC to plant forest in Africa to offset carbon emissions

The announcement is part of the International Olympic Committee's goal of hosting a future carbon-positive Games

In January 2021, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced its plan to become climate positive by 2024, with the goal of reducing its carbon emissions by 45 per cent by 2030. On Wednesday, the organization revealed that it has committed to planting an “Olympic forest” to offset more than 100 per cent of the carbon emissions created by the Olympic Games.

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The Olympic forest will be back by the United Nations as a part of the Great Green Wall initiative to restore the Sahel region in Africa, between the Saharan desert and the Sudanian savanna. According to Inside the Games, experts are expecting the population in that area to grow significantly in the coming years, and this forest will create biodiversity and improve food security in the region.

The IOC claims that both the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and the Beijing Olympics are on track to being carbon-neutral, and they are looking to host climate-positive Games in the future as a part of their Olympic Agenda 2020+5.

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